What are the transport charges?
The basic cost of delivery and collection is £170 each way.  This is a nationwide charge, UK mainland.  Ground floor / street level access.

Extra charges will be incurred for stair work. These costs start at £50 per flight.  We will ask for photographs to be emailed prior to delivery, and we reserve the right to increase the cost if the the information given is incorrect or misleading. 

If the cost of delivery increases significantly due to stair work charges, we would advise that you carefully consider the concept of hiring over buying a piano as you will also need to pay for collection, and this could get expensive.   

It is possible to deliver pianos through windows, using lifting equipment/cranes.  However, we would not advise this when hiring a piano as the quote for doing so will not be cost effective.

Is there a minimum hire period?
Our minimum (payable) period for a long term hire is 3 months, with the piano hire fees and the delivery and collection charges payable in advance. This is a rollover contract, and you will be invoiced in advance for subsequent periods until such time as you buy the piano or cancel the hire.

Can I buy the piano?
We offer a very attractive Option to Purchase Scheme whereby a percentage of the hire fees you have paid can be offset against buying either the piano you are hiring, or any other piano. The maximum rebate will be equivalent to 6 month's hire fees. Should you decide to take up the option to buy the piano you are hiring, we will also deduct the collection fee. These deductions will be made from the original purchase price quoted at the commencement of hiring.

Can I change my piano whilst I'm renting?
Yes, providing you pay the transportation costs

When I decide to purchase, can I buy a different piano?
Yes, you can. Just contact us for an upgrade quote

If I buy the piano within 3 months am I paying the same as if I bought it outright?
Yes, if you buy within 3 months, all of your rental payments come off of the original price.

Do I need to insure my piano?
Yes. Just contact your insurance company and ask them to add it to your existing contents insurance. There's usually no charge for this.

If I rent for more than 1 year, do I get more money off?
No, the maximum rental that can be deducted is 12 months

Can I return my piano before the minimum rental period?
Yes, but the remaining rental payments must be settled in full

What happens if I damage my piano?
You should contact us to get it repaired, or we'll repair it when it's returned. There may be a charge.

Do I need to come to your shop to rent a piano?
No, you can do it all online.  If you have any questions, please email or call.

How can I pay?
The initial payment will need to be made by credit card or debit card using ’Shopify payments’ via this website.  However, you can also call and pay by card over the phone or make a BACS payment online if preferred.  Just call us to discuss.

Do you require ID?
Yes, you will be asked to upload a copy of either your driving licence, or recent utility bill (last 3 months)

Who does the piano belong to?
The piano will remain the property of The Piano Gallery until paid for in full.

What happens if I move house during the rental period?
If you move house, you will have to gain permission in writing from The Piano Gallery and the piano will need to be moved by a professional piano mover.  You will need to confirm the company you intend to use to move the piano with The Piano Gallery prior to transporting it.  You will also need to provide change of address details, and new ID verification. 

With the flexibility of piano rental, it would probably be easier to return the piano, and then start the hire again once you have settled in to your new home.